i currently own a schecter c1 hellraiser and love it to death. i play mostly metal and use a vht special 6 ultra with a fullbore metal and wah. i want a new guitar that will be versitile and preferably with a floyd rose. i like very flashy guitars. something that really catches the eye. i prefer an h-s-h pickup configuration. i have a dimarzio x2n sitting on my desk from a previous guitar that i had to return because i needed the new amp. i am very strongly considering purchasing back that same guitar becauese i really enjoyed it. http://www.cortguitars.com/_webapp_3832433/X-6_VPR

budget: $500 or less
new/used: doesnt matter
music style: mostly metal but i really want this guitar to be versatile (skynard to sum 41 to all that remains)
passive pickups
floyd rose
very eye catching looks
i dont want a V or crazy shape

i live close to nashua NH if that is helpful information to anyone