So i was learning the Stairway To Heaven solo today, and it was all fairly easy except for one part. The shred lick after the fourth phrase in the solo. For reference its at 0:30 in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DCC8AiWHEw the shred lick later in the song (0:58 in that video) is much easier.

tab for the first shred lick in the solo is as follows.
Repeated 12x

I simply cant bend the 15th fret and release to the 13th fret without bending the 15th back down. Its like i bend the 15th, and then i have to bring it back down to get the pull-off to the 13th fret. Because of this i simply cannot play the lick that fast. Is there some sort of technique im missing here? Any tips+pointers?
Excuse my ignorance, only been playing for about 4 months now.
I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to play that at full speed at 4 months. You gotta slow it down to where you can cleanly in a fluid motion release the bend and pull off, then you would slowly speed it up while maintaining the ability to play it clean.
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i dont have my guitar with me right now, but i dont remember that p13 being there when i was messing around with it. i think i was just playing
Play it as slow as you need to play it to make it sound right. Then play it over and over and over....Ive spent weeks playing nothing other than a single phrase sometimes.
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