So I have had the same KORG guitar tuner for a long time now, and it does not pickup the tuning when I try to tune to drop b or c, which is no good! Could anyone post a link to a non-pricey tuner that will do the job for picking up those lower tunings? Thanks!

Would this do the job?
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since its also a bass tuner i'd assume it would pickup tones in between the G on a bass and the E on a guitar

also you could play in a reasonable tuning
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I'm a metal head, always have lower tuning on the stuff I try to play haha
should work fine.
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for a pedal tuner ive used the boss tu-2/3 and they work great. but for just a handheld tuner i use a cheap 20 dollar korg and i have no issue with it picking up real low stuff