So I pulled out my Gibson SB-450 bass the other day and no sound. Opened the control panel and there was a wire, encased in black insulation, coming from underneath the shielding in the body, that was loose. I wasn't sure where it connected to, but fiddling around led me to conclude that it was supposed to connect directly to the input jack. This page showing the wiring diagram for the SB bass controls seemed to confirm my thought. I've soldered it in place, and now all I get is a big hum through my amp, which is louder when I touch the strings or bridge cover. Should I have connected this wire to another spot? Pictures:

Full view (using a screwdriver to prop up the panel). Red arrow marks the wire I'm talking about. You can see that this wire (I presume ground) comes up from the wood underneath the shielding. I presume it connects to the bridge.

A little closer.

What have I done wrong? Thanks.
Thanks for your reply (and so quick!). So I wired it up right, but first thing is to resolder the yellow wire to the jack and see how that goes? If I need to reattach the ground wire to the bridge, that's not going to be fun.