Hi, there. My nephew's birthday is coming. He shows great interests on learning guitar. So I wanna buy the coolest first guitar for him. I've just looked into this Dreadnought Guitar Bundle. Do u think this Bundle nice for 10-year old boy? Is it the coolest guitar? Any other good options?
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no-name random guitars off eBay as a general rule are terrible.

going by the presents I've gotten from my uncles when I was a kid unless you're Donald Trump you're not looking to spend the amount its gonna cost to get a good guitar let alone a cool one.

you obviously know the kids parents, maybe suggest the idea and throw in some money towards it. That way you might be able to get the spend up to the $200-$300 mark and get something worthwhile.
The pink one is the way to go, the most bitchin guitar ive ever seen. Too bad i didnt see it when i was 10, all the ladies would want to see my pink guitar
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buy an Ibanez,best starter acoustic for like 200
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Don't buy him an acoustic, what kind of 10 year old wants to learn on an acoustic? It's harder to play, bigger/more awkward, not cool-looking, and you can't mess around with the tone. I love acoustic guitars now, but if I didn't buy an electric guitar I love and hang it on the wall next to my bed, I would never have stuck with the guitar. That's just me.

This may not apply to someone who starts out with discipline and love for the guitar, but my advice is this: Get a cool-looking guitar and hang it in plain view. Guitar is painful, confusing and tedious for at least 3 months, and if you get him something that looks mundane and sounds awful, he'll have less motivation to play it.

Guitars to look into:
Squier Stratocaster--Classic beginner's guitar
BC Rich Avenge--Cheap, looks very cool, I own one, very easy to play

It wouldn't be a terrible idea to let him pick out one he likes, either. Go to a place that actually has a selection of guitars, not just a music shop with 10 guitars of an obscure brand, and DEFINITELY not ebay.
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A few pointers
- Look around for places you can find guitars
- Take someone who plays guitar [make sure he's experienced!] to help you


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