Like three days ago when I turned my guitar on, this really annoying sound started to happen every time I hit a thicker string... It never happened before.

First I though it was the amp... so I tried in another amp and it still happens. Then I though it was the wire. Changed the wire and still same thing.

Is it possible the problem are on pickups? I mean, its really not that (because on both caps - EMG 81 and 85 - the same thing happens and it would be too much coincidence happening the same time).
The only think I havent tried is changing the battery (because it still has power).

Any suggestion? : /

I hope its not the pickups
Edit: though it was fixed, but its not :P
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Sounds like something is going flat, maybe the battery or if you run pedals between your guitar and amp, maybe that.
It could be your amp's speakers too, if one was on it's last legs it might not be able to handle lower frequencies very easily.
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Just clean channel, guitar straight to amp. No pedals used.

And I don't think its the amp, because I tested on the one I have and another one of a friend of mine.

I'll try changing the battery of the pickups... but its probably not that.
its a battery that is starting to go. when the batteries on a set of actives start to go, the pre-amp doesn't work properly and is prone to making funny noises. those noises definitely sounded like the work of a dying battery.

also, why are you so adamant that its not the battery if you haven't tried?
Because I didnt know the information you just told me. I thought i was just gonna lower the volume or something. Thanks, i'm gonna buy a new battery right now.

edit: it worked. The problem was the battery. Thanks again.
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