ive started recording with an m-audio producer usb mic with garageband and it sounds great. the only problem is that sound is only coming out of my left speaker. ive set it to both mono and stereo channels and its the same thing. i put a sample in my profile called "audio sample 1" or something like that.

hopefully someone who is mac savvy can help me
Audio Sample 1 on your profile just plays in mono (i.e through both speakers). I'd imagine your problem is something to do with your sound output, and mono being sent just down the one channel (typically the left). Are you plugging your speakers into your computer's speaker out ports? I'd imagine your computer is only sending signal through the left output, for a mono source.

Please list your setup/signal chain so people can help you easier.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
i have a mac book pro with a mic hooked up to the usb playing into garageband. but then when i listen to it, the sound only comes out of my left headphone speaker and i would imagine everyone else only gets sound out of the left speaker whether it is speakers or headphones. hope that helps
It's coming out of both for me. Have you tried other headphones or speakers? Perhaps it's a problem with your headphones.