Nice guitar tones man, they sound sick, the double kick is annoying as **** though, maybe ;cuz it seems a bit too loud or repetitive or something, but it's like drilling into my head.

Not sure if it's just me, but I don't hear any bass at all, only from the kick drums.

Overall, nice stuff, I like the guitar tones and the guitar work, it's pretty repetitive but whatevs.

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Thanks guys, I don't have the money to go into a good recording studio so I just recorded this at home. And no I don't have a bass yet, but I might be getting one soon.
Very nice work on this track. I really like the complexity of the entire piece, and though it's a bit lengthy, there are always new parts being introduced which makes for an engaging listen. I did like the guitar tone, and the playing was flawless. Great job on all the rhythm parts and solos. What did you use for the drums? They were programmed really good. My only gripe with the song being that the kick drum especially overpowered the guitars. Lots of bass response from the kick though

Also couldn't tell if there was a bass guitar in there or not, but the guitar parts kept me interested with or without it. Overall a really nice instrumental and I hope you guys continue to make more tracks like this in the future!


VERY NICE DRUMS. I luv 16th note TRIPLETS that is such an aggressive rhythm to litter everywhere, brings life to an otherwise NORMAL HARMONIC PROGRESSION.

OH A LITTLE BELL HIT says the drummer. Everything is talking to each other really well. REALLY LIKE where the harmony goes, nice to hear s witch up. I FEEL AS THOUGH A SINGER MIGHT ENJOY TO SING WITH YOU? would bring a lot of energy.

Nice BLASTS on dem drums and stuff. SO NICE to hear all these modulations, OH THIS IS SUCH A JOURNEY! Not a kind of music I listen to usually but I luv all the turns we twist on!! BE PROUD

Share da luv bruv!!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Nice man, this sounds really sweet. Would love to hear it with some vocals. Nice use of the china cymbal. The only part of the drums I don't like is at the beginning the half-time kicks if you know what I mean?

The Guitar riffs are pretty awesome, very tight and good tone. If you got a bass track in there it would be even better. Hope you manage to get one soon.

Very good

If you have the time, it would be sweet if you checked out my new song
Love the use of 9th notes, gives it a real progressive feel. Nice clear but powerful tone on all the instruments. This will sound great when you record with a bass, as the only bass that really hits me right now is the double kick. Overall, a decent recording. also, do i hear some Protest the hero influences in your riffage?

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I am almost certain Martha Stewart would dig this song, because the guitars & drums sound very good!! Nice audio quality! Nice guitar riffs! Playing is very tight. It's not clear to me if any electric bass is in this. Wouldn't hurt to have some good vocals. Overall, very good! Please review my music at this link:

oof nice production. Those are heavy kicks which is awesome. I think I hear a bass? I'm not sure though, needs a bit more prominence if it's there if not then add one because the riffs would love some low end.
Good tones on the guitars and very punchy, tight and clean. Really good playing all round.

God damn those are some sick drums. Are the real? God damn they're tight.

Kind of an odd turn away from the melodic riffs now, kind of generic but that can be forgiven in this style of music, I'm sure you would have some super brutal vocals.

Yeah man it's all good, yeah. Ha nothing left to say. Get a vocalist and get gigging you guys are sick.

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The drums are Ezdrummer, I have my friend write the drums for me and i record guitar over it. I will be sure to C4C asap