Hello UGers. I have a question for you. Would it be okay to plug a bass into a guitar effect box? Like a simple foot switch one of distortion and one of chorus. Would it work? Would it sound okay?
It looks exactly like this but not the same make. Same nob settings and form. Both distortion and chorus pedals are same set up.


Any info is greatly appreciated, thank you.
Some effects are designed to use with bass. Some are not. The description should tell you if it's designed for use with bass, or not. Some of the Boss pedals are designed to work with bass. Why is this? The filters on some of those pedals only work in a certain frequency range.
The pedals were given to me from a friend and I believe the company that produced them is out of business lol. And this question was for my friend who wants some different sounds from a bass lol. So I guess ill just have to try the pedals with him to see if they work.

And Thanks for the info, I did not know that.
should work fine yeah, the ones i've got all work with my keyboard, and that's more different than a bass