So, this isnt wiring related to amps or tone knobs and stuff.. so i didnt put it in the wiring thread.
i made the mintbox piezo buffer, its all wired correctly as far as ive troubleshot.

i have the battery and board grounded to the bridge (electric gutiar), the piezo elements are grounded to the bridge hot runs to the board as it should.
heres what happens - with the battery off (i have it setup to cut the battery+ to board wire) theres no power to the board, and i get sound from the piezos. its not all that loud, but its there. when i flip the battery ON so the board is powered, i get no sound anymore.
this is the opposite effect its supposed to have...

what should i check? that battery is connected the right way

heres the board. is there something that should be different? theres a note that i didnt notice before the build, and so i have exactly the diagram minus the gain switch (not needed on a guitar). the note says this: "The 20pF capacitor is now 1pF - really just a tiny little value to shunt RF to ground"
would that do it?

there's no way to tell unless you have a picture of how you actually wired it.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
i think i found the problem. the bat pos should go straight to the board, and have a shunt to ground through the 4.7uf, right? and i have it bat pos through the 4.7 to the board. look like thats the problem? i dont see how that would cut off the sound though

i know, its ugly, shhh!