I am buying a silver creek t-160 on friday, but i heard that their tuning machines were sorta bad. Would these be good replacements? And if there are better ones, what would they be? Price Limit- $50
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Well... That particular model is pretty inexpensive; Guitar Center has it for 200 bucks or so.
Chances are you're not getting stellar hardware with the instrument.
However.... The purchase price of the tuners you link to is about 25% of the price of the guitar and they are imported tuners as well... "Gitty" advertises on our cigar-box site.

So I don't think you're getting a substantial upgrade there.

Frankly, I wouldn't bother. Chances are the stock tuning machines are going to be just fine. I use the cheapest possible imports on all my cigar-box guitars and they work just fine.
They may not be as smooth and precise as a nice set of Schallers or Grovers, but those will set you back the price of your guitar, mostly.
Use the stock instrument and save your money for a later upgrade.
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That's an added accessory for Grover Rotomatics (which are amazing tuners in their own right).

If you're really looking to get an okay set of tuners at a reasonable price, maybe consider going after a set of Pings, or even an inexpensive set of Grovers. The Rotomatics will run you about $45 and up from my experiences, but they do make some tuners that are closer to the realm of $25-30.
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From the ad:
"The GT1 fits guitars with Grover Rotomatic tuners. "

The guitar you mention does not ship with Grover Rotomatics, so likely not.

Looks like a clever idea though, kind of like the "Scruggs" tuners used on banjos to change tunings quickly.
I would again suggest you enjoy your new guitar as is and see if it has any actual shortcomings. Then you can decide if you want to spend money on upgrades.