So I'm going to be buying an amp soon, but I was wondering if theres any differences or concerns upon buying a brand new amp for say $1800 vs buying the same amp used for $1000. i mean obviouslly you have to look for damages and if it works right but besides that is there any downsides to buying used?
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buying used you usually dont get the warranty and if it a tube amp it might need new tubes)or you might get lucky and the person retubed it to sell it in which case might have better than stock tubes)

also of course it wont be new

but buying used you usually get better equiptment that you couldnt afford otherwise
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Well say it's a vintage Fender Twin Reverb amp (it's obviously not, but let's say it is), an amp that old will be very worn and may (MAY, I'm not saying it would) have terrible electronics. Now say we get a newer (still used) amp, a Peavey Vypyr 30. The Peavey is up to date, should still have warranty, and is more versatile. What am I saying? Play through the amp before buying, don't feel afraid to ask the owner questions about when they bought it and any previous repairs, and most of all...ask why they don't want it. If the owner is at a loss of words, something is most likely wrong wih it.
Ive bought some things used, and have been satisfied every time. I bought a Roland AC 60 watt acoustic amp, normally 500, I got it for 350$, shipping was included. It still had the warrenty, and it looked brand new. Only had a tad bit of dust at the top, nothing a rag cant fix. I also bought a GE7 Equalizer pedal for 70$ shipped, not sure what they run new. Only problem was that it didn't have a powersource, but most pedals I bought didn't include one anyway. So far, used has been the best for me to save money and get quality stuff
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Used is used, new is new. Used has wear, new doesn't. Pretty much it.
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