I want to say these were originally from the Breedlove Factory from what i was told. It was some well known company here in Oregon.. Anyways, i have a bunch that are good, and bookmatched. i have a bunch that are good and not bookmatched. i also have a bunch that are good and dry now, but have moisture discoloration on them.
I would prefer that if youre looking to finish non-transparent, you take a set that is not bookmatched and/or discolored. My good bookmatched supply is limited!
i would also like to say, some of the stained wood looks pretty awesome too! some sets have a little neat grain variation to them, but sitka isnt known for being crazy! i also have a few sets with runoff, and a few that are a bit thicker than the rest.

If someone is interested, let me know what you would like and i will take some pictures and you can choose a set. most are still full rectangle sets, some were damaged along the way on the edges but still plenty large to make most guitars with.

Good bookmatched set - $42+shipping
Non bookmatched set - $34+shipping
Discolored set - $30+shipping

I can also add rough condition extra boards (extra wood to experiment on) for 10 each.
Hrmmm... Tempting for when I start my acoustic build, but I don't really have anywhere to store it, plus trans-atlantic shipping sucks on something that size
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