starts off with some timing issues bit they sort of die off.

the song is good, I just felt it needed some thing to bring it out more, the riffs dums and everything are fine, just levels i think.

What you using to do post production with? if you can centre the drums and bass, double track two main guitars left and right and bring the solo in over the lot you should get and better spread of sound.

I did however like the solo and the riff that comes into the end.
Carry on working with this there's something here.

I didn't hear any timing issues at the start? The drums stay the same throughout as far as I could tell.

For a first effort it's not bad at all. Anything I could criticise would only be because it's incomplete, which you already know. Except one thing; maybe try and throw one or two more unexpected chords into the mix? It's a tad formulaic...but then, I am OBSESSED with chord progressions, so there you go.

Good work, all round.

Here's the only thing I've posted on here so far btw...I hope Youtube links are accepted as much as other UG threads when you're doing this C4C lark?? I'm new to it all...anyway, see what you think;

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Sounds pretty good to me. Excellent for a first effort. If you are looking for recording software take a look at Mixcraft 5. Easy to use and lots of supporting tutorials to get you started. If you are a student you can get it for $50. Anyways I wish my first effort was that good.

Would you mind critiquing "Thinking of You"

I think it could use a little bit more depth in terms of sound, it sounds kind of flat to me. But not bad for a first try, I noticed you were using primarily the minor pentatonic, which is cool and all but expand your mode usage

Rock on.
The first thing I thought was, this sounds a bit like early Nirvana. I liked how you played the main riff once before the bass came in. I also really liked the basslines throughout the song. From a production aspect, the drums sound kind of flat, and the solo was a little to trebley for me. Other than than that this is a good track, nice job!