hello ! i'm having some troubles with finale 2011

so, i'm trying to put together some triplets and the program just doesn't let me when i put these combinationsin the last beat (i'm using a 4/4 timesignature) but when i put these combinations in the first beat or second or third i get no trouble :S, so the combinations that i'm trying to do are :

triplet number one:

8th 8th 16th 16th

triplet number two:

8th 8th with dot 16th

so in the triplet number one forexample i'm writing this on the fourth beat i put the first and secondth 8th withouth problem but wheni put the first 16th my measure shows like if it was complete i just can't put any othernote, however, when i move to the next measure the "Complete"measure automatically fill itself with the other 16th that i needed but like a rest and wheni try to use tht rest to enter the notei need it just doesn't let me!! thanks for your attention
Is a 3 floating somewhere when you insert the 2 8ths? If not, you're just adding 8ths to the bar and that different as triplet 8ths. Should be a button somewhere to add triplets. If you can't find it, help menu will.
If the whole song is in triplets, change to 12/8.

Else: check manual for inserting triplets. Don't have finale, so can't help you better.
the problem is that i put my first 2 8th triplets (with the triplet tool) and when i change to 16th and enter the note it should leave another space for entering another 16th note but itstays like if i have used an 8th note i have even tried to use a 32th or a 64th in that to fill that 16th and still the program acts weird but all this problem in the last beat of themeasure.

now i'v realized that it isn't the program is filling the measure with a 32th triplet ican choose the rest and change it to a note buti can't change the value so finally i get: 8th 8th 16th 32th why?¿??
No idea then... Looks like a bug maybe. Try updating the program

Never had problems with Sibelius
Try this:

EDIT: after reading your second post, I want to add one thing: to write a triplet figure of non-uniform length (ie, a quarter-note + an eighth-note, etc.) it is easiest to first enter all of the notes as though they were not part of a triplet, and then use the seperate triplet maker (the one that is seperate from the actual note-input triplet) to create the triplet.

For example, say I wanted a triplet of the following composition: a dotted-eighth + a sixteenth + an eighth, in the space of two eighth-notes. First I would enter in a dotted-eight + a sixteenth + an eighth (which would fit in the space of a dotted quarter-note, or three eighth notes). Second I go to the triplet maker, and click on the first note in the figure (the dotted-eighth note). In the pop-up, there should be a box that says "3 [dotted-eighths] in the space of 2 [dotted-eighths]" (note: [] is a drop-down-box). Click the drop down box, and change [dotted0eighths] to [eighths] in both boxes. Leave all other settings the same and press okay. Viola.

Now onto the actual help:

The easiest way is to make the measure one beat longer, enter the triplet, and then shorten the measure back to its original length.

another way of doing it is to:
1) enter in all of the problem measure, leaving a rest for the entire spot where the triplet will go

2) in the next measure, on the first beat, enter in the triplet figure (of course actually making it a triplet in the process), leave the rest of this measure blank (or filled with rests).

3) Using the selection tool, click-and-drag over the triplet figure in the second measure.

4) Drag the highlighted figure (or entire measure) onto the first measure, you should see a gray box-outline showing you where the highlighted portion will begin and end. Line up the beginning of this gray box-outline with the point at which the triplet figure is to begin, and then release the mouse, your triplet figure should now line up correctly.

See, the problem is that finale works on a beat-per measure basis and absolutely will not allow you to enter in a value once the measure limit has been reached (though some things might carry over a tie, and if you reduce the time signature, in some cases excess notes might be left in the measure, depending on your settings). So, since when you are entering non-uniform triplets (ie quarter+eighth, etc.), you have to enter the notes first, and then make it a triplet; you inevitably have to first enter a greater amount of note values then the measure can hold. Thus, your problem arises.

I hope this helps!
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Well I have never had this problem. What happens when you try to follow the steps I described above?