Hey guys (:

Here is my First ever recorded original!!! Woohoo!!!
Im Real happy about it!!! haha, na... seriously...
Its not overly great I think, Could be better in some places, but not too bad for my first recording me thinks (:

Uhm...any questions you wanna ask, Ill pleasantly, delightfully, gladly answer them !

Bad stuff first.., well not bad but just what I thinks can be better.
Drums are louder than the guitars at the moment, so when you hit a cymbal it washes out the music. guitars are a bit bit boomy, maybe bring up and EQ a tiny bit.

Now the good stuff,

The song is really good for your first recording has a great grunge vibe going off.
the little break down sounded like a StAnger type thing(i'm one of the few who enjoyed that album). Whack some vox and a high gain feedbacked solo to this and it'll be a rockin assed tune.

Keep it up, I'll sub to your youtube and send a request to ya.

Add Some Good Vocals And it could be a hit for sure! It sure has a solid ground, just go and write some awesome lyrics (Take your time for that) and let someone who has the voice for it simply sing it. It really could be a great song just work a bit more on the ending because it just stops. uild the song a bit with these tips and i personally think you have a great song for sure. Good Luck!
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