So last time I played a show with my Orange Dual Terror it played fine, went to turn it on today and there was no output, I pulled it to bits, all the fuses were intact. Switched it on and realized that the back 4 tubes weren't warming\lighting up.

Think it may be something to with the power supply/transformer to the rear valves. I can't tell which of the two powers which set of valves though.

Any help would be amazing!
Sounds like a transformer - got experience in playing with the guts of valve amps? Because they store a fair bit of voltage internally and can hurt/maim/kill those with no knowledge of such things.

If in doubt take it into a pro. If it's still under warranty take it to the store you bought it from.
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Yeah I pretty much checked all the internals of the amp and the only thing I haven't checked are the transformers, which I'm going to leave up to the professionals
If you dont mind me asking how long have you had it/used it? Iv been considering one and if they break that easy im not sure if I want to spend that kind of money.
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