hey guys, i've been looking at getting a new guitar for metal for a while now, particularly been looking at this model guitar. Just so happens one popped up on my craigslist for $250. Seeing as these sale for 700ish brand new, this is quite a steal, yes? From what he tells me, theres a couple scratches and scuff marks on the back, which I really wouldnt mind. you guys think this would be a great deal?
$250 for a DK2? I would've bought it by the time i type this.

Scratches and marks are inevitable, even if you bought a first hand, they'll come sooner or later. (Unless you're a bedroom guitarist who purchases guitars for collection more than playing)
Of course it's a great deal, go and buy it. I wonder why you're even asking... Of course you should check it first, to make sure it's not a fake or smth.
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I have one myself and its amazin buy it!!!! and at $250 its a good deal
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absolutely jump all over that! the DK2 is a great axe - very versatile with the HSS config.

NOTE: beware the single coils when setting up the guitar. the magnets have a very strong pull on the bass strings and will drive you crazy trying to set the intonation if they are set too high.