I will buy a Fuzz pedal in the next few days, and it will possibly be a Big Muff, my question is, Whats the difference between a Big Muff and a Little Big Muff ? Is there any better Fuzz in that price range ?
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The LBM has a different tone than the Big Muff does, I found out that only after I bought the LBM. It still sounds good, but it's less fuzzy and a bit more like a thick, scooped distortion with some fuzz blended in. The regular Muff is more straight fuzz.
My recommendation is saving up a bit more money and getting the Way Huge Swollen Pickle MKII. I've gone through heaps of fuzz pedals, and this one is definitely my favourite, and the most versatile. Sounds absolutely massive.
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I used to have a Big Muff and it was fine with my Vox, but was all or nothing in front of my Orange TT so I'd advise trying one with your amp before commiting.

If you can I'd recommend taking a look at a Voodoo Labs Superfuzz, you have a lot more control over the tone.

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Loved the sound of the normal Big Muff and the Big Muff + tone Wicker...will be buying one of those. I can get a Big Muff for 65€ new ( 80$ ) so i think ill get it.
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Actually, the Little Big Muff uses pcb mounted components and has a different transistor with a higher hfe rating (2000 i think). There are comparisons on youtube but also remember the BM takes up a LOT more space than a LBM.

Some component values might be slightly different too:
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