Really nice folk song feel to it. The girl's singing is great, although the reverb feels a bit out-of-place with the relatively dry ukelele sound. It fits nicely with the guitar, though, but throughout the ukelele does feel a bit dry.

The acoustic solo is a nice touch, but it feels waay loud in the mix.

Ending feels a bit sudden, I think even something as simple as a little ritardando would help actually. That, or just prolonging a couple of bars.
The chord progression you used here has been done a lot, but it feels really fresh in this song. It sounds familiar, yet original. The chorus melody fit the singer's voice great, I really like the melody its simple and memorable. My favorite part is the guitar solo, it feel like the whole song builds up to it. I do think you could add one more chorus after the solo though. Maybe hit the strings a bit harder during the last chorus. This is a great song, I actually found myself wanting to listen to it a few more times after the first listen. Good job!
Very nice! I love the singer, her (your?) voice is great! I agree with the comments on the 'verb though. A little goes a long way and while it can broaden a sonic image it can also destroy it when used improperly. I would also bring the uke up a bit in the mix when the guitar comes in.

The song is really cool though! I like the feel of it.
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Well first of all I have to agree with everyone who said the vocal reverb is way too much there and the ukulele needs to be more present in the mix.

It seemed quite polished in terms of a performance which is great. It was quite nice how stripped down the arrangement was. It didn't have loads of tracks that don't contribute to the final result, so it sounded really big. I have a hard time finding anything to crit in terms of the performance or the arrangement because it was very nicely stripped down and everything was polished and pleasantly simple and familiar. You're not reinventing the wheel here but you've definitely put together a great acoustic track which has its own identity because of the vocals and the ukulele.

If you had the time a crit of my track would also be greatly appreciated:

Edit: Also, is it possible to download this somewhere? I'm putting together a mix CD for my friend and this track would be right up his alley. (thanks in advance if it's possible)
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Hey Man, Sorry for the late reply!
That was real cool (: The recording sounded quite dry in my ears, i can see why you added the reverb in, it would sound much better after a few tweaks here and there. couldn't fault the singing or rhythm guitar. if you would like some ideas, have a listen to jerry cantrell unplugged; the guitarist from alice in chains. He has some real interesting acoustic stuff (:
I subbed as well (:

Cheers for the crit man.

Fair bitta reverb, and I don't dig the Ukelele at all, but I never have, so that's more of a personal thing.

The chicks voice is nice though.

The rhythm guitar is nice, simple, but it's nice and mixed well, just piss the Ukelele off man.