hey guys, just bought my 1st guitar. starting out with some easy songs by chilli peppers.

whenever I play, I can't help but knock other strings ect. I know I know, I'm a noob, but how steep is the learning curve you think? when you guys started playing, did you pick the wrong chords by mistake?

Anyways, its been a couple days and im getting better at playing scar tissue.
Good song choice. If you're dedicated to learning guitar, you'll be amazed at what you can learn in a matter of weeks. The trick to not hitting other strings is to learn to control your hands. When you pick or pluck, use the smallest movements possible so your hand doesn't start flying around every time you hit a note. When you're playing individual notes (not chords), anchor your hand on the bridge, making sure not to mute the strings. To pick, don't swing your whole hand. Simple rotate your wrist slightly just enough to brush past the string. Choke up on your pick so less than 1/4 of the pick is sticking out of your hand.
Same for your fretting hand. Stand facing a wall. Your fretting hand should be on the neck of your guitar and there should be two inches of space between your knuckles and the wall. Now play a riff or progression of chords. The key is to make sure that your hand doesn't hit the wall. This really helped me to control my erratic finger movements.

If you have any questions, you can PM me.
ok, not to dishearten you but you should probably start learning basic major/minor chord structures first. like making the chords on the fretboard, then swapping between them
for example, learn how to go from G to D then back again. then begin to add other chords in such as C, Am etc.
dont feel like you have make this a tedious chore, find songs that use simple chord structures and practice them. when you want to start moving onto lead guitar. REMEMBER TO PRACTICE SCALES. start slow and then speed up in time give it a few weeks/month or 2 and you'll be playing scar tissue like a pro (i haven't played scar tissue in a long time, i cant remember how hard it is to play)
message of the day: jumping straight into playing hard songs will probably make you feel rubbish because you're not playing it right. simply because you haven't built the muscle memory and strength, and in the long term will affect your skill as a guitarist and maybe put you off playing. dont get me wrong, if you are sick and tired of playing chords and scales, don't feel like you cant jam out scar tissue, youll probably find yourself getting better each time you play it.
good luck dude
EDIT: also above is good advice too.
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I've been practicing that song and scales. doing g thru d. but also doing a diagonal patterns on each fret, like e/a/e/a. and yeah, I need to practice smaller movements when I stroke. Thanks guys.
i personally think just starting off you should learn some scales. It will improve your picking a lot and can be applied anywhere on the neck, so it will also get you familiar with the neck.