I'm new to recording my music and I need some help.

I have to buy an interface. But will micing an amp give me decent quality with a Shure SM58, an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, and a Fender Mustang III amp? If not, won't I need one of these?

Also, I need help choosing an interface. I has to have at least 2 XLR inputs and give decent quality sound.

Any help is appreciated!
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Micing your amp should get you as good of a sound as you can normally get out of your amp. If you're happy with that sound, with a little practice, you'll be able to record it.

When you get an interface it will most likely have mic inputs as well as line level inputs. That means that you can plug your guitar straight into the interface if you're not happy with the amp sound and want to try some amp sims. If you're wanting to do that, perhaps a UX2 would be a good choice for you. If you don't want all the extra podfarm stuff, I'd just go with a fast track or a saffire.

Do you already have the mic? or are you planning on buying a 58? If so, you might as well just buy a 57. They're "better" for amps and the like, but it's really only a difference in the grill which, on a 57, is designed to get a little closer into the instrument without having the pop screen inside it.

Happy recordings to you.
An SM57 is the way to go, as 58s are used more for live recordings i believe. Personally, i record using a mixer plugged into my laptops mic jack, which i run Audacity on. I use an Audix mic, which is a little less in qaulity to an SM57, youre already getting off to a good start though friend.

Also, a gibson les paul and fender amp? Kudos~

Anyways, keep the mic on the edge of the "cone" of your amps speaker, as it records better ther.e Keep the map loud, and the mic down, as this tends to get better results.

Audacity can produce amazing results, jsut check out my MP3s and hear for yourself. those are all recorded in our BASEMENT on just Audacity, an Audix mic, and CAB drum mics. Alot of practice and trial and error.