If your parents weren't your parents and you were there age, are they the type of people you would be friends with?

I would say no. Not in a million years.
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I don't know I barely know my dad...my mum is nice, I suppose we would get on

what an odd question
I might be friends with my dad, but definitely not my mom. We don't have anything in common.
Probably. I think I would get along with them just fine. It's not that they are so very much like me, though.
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Yeah, my Dad and Uncle would have been a right laugh to have been mates with.

I doubt I would be mates with my mum though, she sounded like a bit of a geek.

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I want to be more than friends with my mom.
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I want to be more than friends with my mom.

i hear that!
Probably not, seeing as we have so little in common, its a running joke in my family to call me adopted.
My mom is pretty awesome, my dad is a dick though.

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in a heartbeat. we get along incredibly well. i'm 20 and i still go out with my parents to movies or the mall and stuff like that by choice. they're awesome. my friends all say they want my parents too, so...

This pretty much explains my whole situation. Except I'm 17 and I'm pretty sure that I'll only be speaking to one parent when I come of age.
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From what my uncle tells me I would have got on with my Da before my mother showed up. It's kind of ruined the entire family dynamic but despite her nature and his weak ass personality, I'd like to get on with both of them
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**** no.
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Me? hanging out with those nerds?
I get drunker more often with my dad (who also occasionally supplies top notch mj), than with anyone else in my hometown. So, I would say I already am friends with him. My mum's cool too, but pretty responsible compared to my dad or I.
i'd probably be good friends with my dad as i'm told but lots of people whho know both of us that i look like him and even sound like him, we also have a lot of the same likes and views and often stay up talking about all kinds of stuff, my mum on the other hand, we'd never ever get on as we have very little in common though we get on fairley well in the mother-son dynamic.
I am not going to lie, I'm not even joking around, but I seriously read the thread title as "Would you be friends with your penis?"
This will start a RIOT! in me
With my dad, I'd be friendly as in have a conversation every now and again if waiting outside a lesson or on the same table at lunch but not really be friends with, more of an acquaintance, someone I know and get on with, as such. My mum I'd probably get annoyed at loads and wouldn't get on with at all, so I'd probably end up ignoring her and not speak to her.
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