Right, it seems one of the guys I teach guitar wants to change his nut.
He's got everything sorted. But the stock nut won't come off, assumably it was glued in at the factory or something.

The guitar in question is one of the lower end Epiphone Les Pauls (could be the Les Paul II or the Special or something, I'm not sure, anyway it's one of the bolt-on models).

The local guitar shop is charging £60 just to change the nut, so that's out of the question as that's a ridiculous price. And I don't have the provisions to do it for him (any guitar I've used has had the nut fitted by friction alone).

So are there any specific methods of getting a glued in nut off of a neck?

I'm also assuming the nut is plastic so heating it probably won't do anything aside from melt the nut to the neck, though I may be wrong.

If anyone could help it'd be appreciated.
i dont know if i would actually do anything to a lower end guitar like that. sure he may love the guitar, but when you really look at it... not so worth it imo. he'll eventually want to replace it regardless. and if its a tuning issue, there's other ways around it other than replacing the nut.

but if he does want to do it, the only way is to get a chisel. a very thin one made for this sort of woodwork. slowly go in and get between the wood and nut on both sides (dont go all the way from one side. you may peel off wood).
my old guitar teacher had me knock my nut lightly with a ball point hammer until it popped off. it worked, but it'd would probably be really easy to get pissed and wack it too hard and do some real damage
ive heard the hammer method, carefully obviously

or use a blow dryer and heat the nut up a bit to melt the glue, then carefully pry it off with a little screwdriver
i would do that LONG before i used a lighter and risked burning everything around the nut
I just use a tiny chisel under the nut and tap it off lightly with a mallet
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Okay thanks guys, I've just told him all these sollutions.
And User_Name336, he's already bought the nut and stuff, plus this is a fairly new guitar for him, he just wants to sort out the small problem it has.
He's not exactly a gear fiend he's just a hobbyist who likes to jam with people occasionally, so high quality gear isn't exactly his highest priority.
My nut was not sitting in a slot. In other words, the bottom of the nut was flush with the face of the headstock. I just put a wooden block against the fretboard side of the nut and whacked it with a dead blow hammer. If it's in a slot, you'll have to get it moving sideways.