Saw a picture of the board from Alex of Mayday Parade and I just wanted to know what he uses. I can see 2 Eventide delays but can't make anything else out. Can you guys help me? Thanks.
I see an ibenez tube screamer, an MXR micro amp, an Ernie ball jr volume pedal, maybe some boss distortions in the background,
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There's what appears to be an EHX nano Holy Grail as well. I don't know what the MXR is at the bottomo right (of the pic). It looks like it says phase 90, but it's the same colour as a micro amp. Definitely isn't a Smart gate.
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Probabaly a boss TU-#
Some kind of EHX, i think its the nano holy grail.

Boss Noise Supressor too
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I see
A true bypass looper
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Ibanez, probably the flanger
MXR Micro amp
Looks like two Eventides (the big boxes with all the knobs)
BBE Mind Bender
I'm gonna go with Becky and say the EHX Nano Holy Grail.
Probably a Boss Tuner and noise suppressor maybe
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One of the Boss pedals is a noise gate, the other is a tuner. The Ibanez is not a tubescreamer, probably a delay like said above.

I think everything else got covered.
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