Hey UG,
I have 3 blown pre-amp tubes in my amp that need to be replaced because it sounds like hot garbage. I've been browsing Dougs Tubes for a while, but there's so many 12AX7's that I obviously can't listen to and I don't know which is better, or even good.

I have a 5 tube pre-amp, V5 being the phase inverter. The stock tubes in there were 5 EH 12AX7's. I'd like to go ahead and just replace all 5 while I'm at it.

I play mostly Classic Hard Rock and Classic Metal on my Drive channel (so I'm looking for tubes with crunch) and Blues and Old Country on my clean channel (so clarity and nice tone.)

If you guys could give me some suggestions or things to look for that would be greatly appreciated.
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Definitely get a JAN 5751 for the Phase Inverter. I have had good experiences with the Penta 12AX7M, Ruby 12AX7 HG+, and Tungsol 12AX7. I have been reading this book on designing tube preamps and the author suggests that the tonal variations among the different designations of 12AX7 are negligible. This is from a designers point of view...there may be subtle variations between manufacturers but in the end they are all 12AX7's...dual triodes with similar specs. I think it is the quality of the tube that matters. Also you shouldn't try a different kind of tube such as a 12AT7 unless you are sure that your amp will accept it. I stick with the tubes i suggested above. Don't go spending too much money on preamp tubes. You shouldn't spend more than $20-$30 on preamp tubes imo.
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Dude, just give Doug a call. He's a great guy and will answer all your questions.