I have a 72' US standard blonde tele and i want to change the screws on the scratchplate and the tone and volume knobs as they're either rusted to shit or the chrome has come off. I have no intention of selling it at all in the future but will it bring down the value of the guitar at all?

I would of course replace with fender parts.
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It won't change the value at all. If you're replacing it with genuine Fender parts the resell value will in general be more than with the rusted parts.
Yeh i was thinking that, i doubt they'd be marked with a logo or anything but im pretty sure it would be marked with a ridiculous price tag. I expect the chrome knobs will be bad enough.
TBH i wouldnt bother with fender screws. Can anyone actually tell the difference between Fender screws and any others? It's not as if they have the fender logo on every single screw...
I'd just get some alright pickguard screws if I were you.
keep the parts you replace and then you can always put them back on if you plan on selling it. Some people care about the small stuff so just put it in a bag in a drawer somewhere just in case