Hi GB&C,
Now A-Levels are finished, i'm gonna start on my summer project, a 5 string bass. Am hoping it'll be ready by the end of july (bar the paint drying) as i'm going on holiday for a few weeks, then i'm not back for long before I start uni.

Specs will be:
5 String bass
Custom design
Neck-through construction
Purpleheart and maple laminate neck
Mahogany body
34" scale length
22 frets
Side dots only - no other inlay
3+2 headstock
Angled headstock
Natural, tung-oiled finish
Black hardware
Wilkinson Jazz bass neck pickup
Axesrus musicman style humbucking bridge pickup
Custom switching arrangement
2 vol, 2 tone

Custom design, I kinda think it looks like a cross between a Tele and a Warwick Corvette.
Scale length and number of frets may change, but the rest is pretty set.
Got a very nice surprise when, after paying for a plain maple neck laminate, I received a flamed maple one. Needless to say i'm not complaining!
Switching arrangement will incorporate the idea of the seymour duncan triple shot - using two switches to allow parallel, series and both coil cuts for a humbucker. But i'm having this not only for the humbucker, i'm using it for the humbucker AND the jazz pickup. This will allow any combination of series/parallel/coil cut i like, e.g the humbucker in series, in parallel with the neck, or the humbucker in parallel, with the neck off.
Each pickup will have it's own volume and tone, but with both in series one set will be disabled, leaving one master volume and tone.
This will have no inlays - just side dots. Am toying with the idea of using the maple dust as i've seen before, but it'll just be plain white as I have no idea where to begin with the other idea.
All hardware will be black, bar the strap loks and the switches, which will be silver.
At the moment, it's all glued together, and i'm just planing it all down. Hopefully cutting out the shape within the next couple of days.
Pics will come later tonight .
Ohhhh, forgot to say, i've got a rosewood fretboard too. Was hoping for ebony, but it was waaaaay more expensive and I've heard ebony is a lot harder to work with than rosewood.
I was also hoping to fit a Hipshot Detuner on the low B string, but it'll be way too expensive with uni in september. Will possibly upgrade it after uni when i've got a job, or i'll more likely just build another bass now that i have an excuse!
The maple was about 3 inches or so thick, so first i glued the wood together and then I chiseled and planed the maple down to size.

The design you can see is not mine, it was already drawn on when i bought the mahogany.

Hopefully more progress today!
im diggin it. Iwouild go with a 35inch scale to support that low B though,especially if oyu plan on playing in drop a
no sir away a papaya war is on
I have a pic of the rough design. Like all my guitars though, I only create a rough design, then refine the shape and add countours etc to make it feel the best. Then i'll make sure it looks alright, and so I have a guitar that was truly made to my body.

Perdestrian, i am probably going to be playing in drop A. This bass will mostly be used live in church, and quite a few christian songs are written in A and D, both of which would use a low A. I'll have a look at how much space I have, and I'll see if i can fit a 35inch scale in with the neck.
Hopefully i'll get back to work today, i've had to have a couple of days break after trapping my thumb in the back door...
Thanks for all your input, keep the comments coming!
Update time!
Slow progress i'm afraid. Couldnt make use of the good weather because of my thumb, then when i could work it was raining .
Got the body shape roughly cut out. I'm currently using a rasp to refine the shape a bit more. Hoping to route out the truss rod channel tomorrow, and the headstock hopefully by the end of the weekend.
Cutting out the body:

You can kinda see the outline in the last two pics, and as i've already said i'll take it down manually from there - it still looks quite "boxy" in these photos. Have got it down quite a bit today, especially the horns. Photos of that tomorrow.
Also should say about the wiring.
I've adapted this wiring scheme, but without the phase switch and without the neck coil options. Total of 4 switches - coil A, coil B, neck switch and bridge switch, along with a two volume, two tone arrangement.
Yeah, the shape was modelled mainly on a tele, but wanted the horn to be more like a warwick corvette. I like teles but i hate how they have no contours at all, so making my own shape allows me to mix a tele with a warwick corvette and still have arm contours .
More updates .
Did some mock-up shots:

And some more progress:

Also got the headstock angle cut, so work on the headstock (shaping, drilling tuner holes etc) will begin shortly.
Hehe, thanks! I've never really been a fan of power tools tbh, hand tools are much easier to control and its harder to do something completely wrong. Also i get a much larger sense of satisfaction using hand tools - when i use power tools i never really feel that it is TRULY made by hand.
Woah that's nice... and you dont get many 3-pup basses!
I've already bought the pickups now though and my wiring/etc is all centred around the pups i've got, but i really wanna do one like that now...
ah well, now i've got an excuse to build another bass :P.
Thanks for the input!