Is there any way to manually config the controls for the 360 controller in F.3.A.R.?

There is a User Profile file in the same folder as the save games. For me, it is C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Steam\21100\Data

This file does contain the control configuration but for the most part, it is jibberish to me. I use the Assault controller setup in-game. But I would MUCH rather have Y switch weapons and LB activate slowmo. If anyone could take a look at this and maybe help me with my issue, that would be awesome. Thanks mates.
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Mouse and keyboard are superior for shooters. Fact.
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EDIT: Take it you're talking about a wired? Otherwise you need an adapter
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I have a a faulty mouse. The 360 pad is more comfortable when I'm just lounging. I don't play online anyway so I don't need to be super precise. **** off with that nonsense you idiots. What does it matter what I use to play with?

And yes it is wired...