i searched it up and i get to answers, one of them is harmoincs or a ghost note. its the solo part of iron man.


its the (5)
6 part.

PS: i was working on crazy train but i got to the first fill and i felt like i needed a break from it, i wasnt getting the feeel for it like i had when i started learning it. So i figured to move on to a new song and go back to it right after. Is what iam doing ok?

Ty guys in advanced.
usually means ghost note which is essentially letting the note ring as you continue and i believe is the case in yourr tab but is also used sometimes for harmonics.
ty , so i still hit 5 and 6 at the same time still?

wait arent ghost notes mute notes, but that would be impossible to mute one note in and not the other.
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