Hey guys.

I didn't know where to put this thread in, but I think you might be able to help me, even if it's mostly a guitar community.

My band and I are planning to cover Evergrey's song "A Touch of Blessing". I'm not very good to learn a song by ear and I use Guitar Pro files or Sheet Music when they are available. However, the guitarpro file for this song available on the net is pretty inaccurate, mostly on keyboard (as it happens very often with gp files).

I am wondering if any of you could help me transcribe the keyboard part of the main riff (when the band kicks in). It is a kind of plucked harp / eletric piano sound.

The guitarpro file is at http://www.filesavr.com/ENP07QCLPLESVR9

Could you guys help me out? I've already started from an available tab but it's very hard for me to go further (check track Lead Keyboards).

If you don't have GP, can you write it down on a score/sheet/chords or whatever that could help me.

I'd be very grateful!

Thank you!

Some links for the song :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ8PXXrCasE (studio version)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MfMRaB2y5k (live but you can hear the keyboard better)