I've been playing electric guitar in a worship band for a few months now, but after our last show we not only had to break down all of our equipment, but we had about 2 weeks off as well. This gives me the opportunity to change my pedalboard setup. I'm playing through a Bugera V22 (mic'ed up in an iso chamber). The amp distortion on the V22 is meh...so I am using a Radial London Bones pedal for my main distorted tone, and an Ibanez TS9 to boost it. That's where my question comes into play. I had been using the TS9 in front of the London Bones to boost it with gain, not level, however I am thinking about using the TS9 after the London Bones to boost my signal via level setting, and not gain. Will this setup work better? I understand this is really all just relative to what you like, however my amp is currently locked up at the church I play at, so I can't really mess with it like I want to. Advice?
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If you want your signal to be any louder you would put the TS-9 after the London Blues.

Guitar > LB > TS-9 > B22

You should still be able to add gain.