Hello everyone.

I orderd a Fuel Tank Jr and some budget 6inch "patch cables" for pedals.
The pedals are:

Visual Sound Rte 66
Boss FRV 1 Reverb
Boss DS1
EHX Pulsar
EHX Memory ToY

I haven't receivede the Fuel Tank so I didn't test the pedalboard yet, but just to know :

If I have signal loss with all this, what would I need to buy to fix the problem ?
Would the the 6inch cables be the issue ?

Thanks !!
The patch cables won't matter even a little bit, and the Visual Sound buffer is amazing, which makes cable length less of an issue. The only thing I'd be worried about would be the Boss pedals--Boss buffers generally have a noticeable tone suck. But most likely you won't have much of a problem.
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Gauge for yourself if you have tone loss. If so, add a graphic EQ to the end of your chain to restore missing frequencies and boost the signal.
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Hmm No I don't want tone loss at all, I don't want to cut treble or anything.
Maybe try testing your setup first and see if you actually have signal loss before making a thread asking how to fix your hypothetical signal loss... Just a thought.
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I know but the question is : If I HAD signal loss, what would I need to fix it.
You're not going to have signal loss from your pedals, you've got six buffers. If you lose treble, it's because of your guitar to pedalboard cable, so you'd need to get a better one or use active pickups. If you're using seriously crappy patch cables, those could do it as well. You don't need anything real fancy with patch cables after buffers, though. Planet waves ones are good and cheap.

If you've got signal degradation, it's going to come from having too many buffers. Those boss and EHX units don't have the best buffers in the world. If you're super worried about it you could get a bypass looper and put all the pedals after the Route 66 in the loop.
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The patch cables won't matter even a little bit.

Woah, woah, woah there boyo! You don't know that, he might be using el cheapo 10 for a pound patch cables that could suck the tone like a cheap *****! Good quality patch cables are a must to avoid tone suck/loss. Also too many buffers can cause detremental effect of the signal, in some instances worse than stacking a load of true bypass pedals next to each other. I don't think the OP will have a problem, but it can happen - as the poster above me stated. Great point about using a true bypass looper.
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Thanks for the answers, gear is in the sig.

Blues Jr so no FX Loop.
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The patch cables are the stock ones at thomann.

So ?