I find it annoying when I know what I want to write a song about, but not knowing how to write the lyrics.
For example, I've had the idea of writing a song about what is "Cool" and why people try to be someone they're not in order to fit in with society, but I have no idea how to start writing.
Does anyone else have a similar problem? If so, and suggestions, either on how to break out of it, or ideas for my idea? (Sorry if that didn't make sense, I'm in a rush.)
Different methods work for different people. Personally, I do any of the following if I desperately want to get started on a new song:

- Write everything that comes to mind, every word, until I have enough to work with.
- Listen to instrumental music (techno, post-rock) and form lyrics loosely around it.
- Go for a walk until I feel inspired.
- Write down the basic idea and keep it handy for a random moment of inspiration.
If you're anything like me, get a bigger hot water system. I come up with my best ideas in the shower, then struggle to remember them when the hot water suddenly runs out :P
The way i write my songs (usually about love) is by writing down everything that comes to mind. doesnt have to make sense, just write them down. polish the words to make a form of verse, and you end up with one or two that dont work, they could be a bridge. musicwise..... im always in a struggle with that. most of my chords are a simple D and A...
hope i help
Well when i'm preparing to write a song, i listen to some music off my ipod and really focus on the structures of each song and what grammar and language tools and techniques they use. For example, the dave matthews band's Funny the Way it Is was written with problematic satire and examples. He used opposite examples to make things interesting and grab the listener's attention, on a serious, attentive, but relaxed note. Kinda like that one movie commercial where the guy's singing you don't always die from tobacco, sometimes it just snips out your tongue...or something like that. So yeah, adress the problem in a relaxed, but fresh and different twist in language, when it comes to the lyrics. I feel like it's really helpful to recognize different song structures and get inspired.and little riddles and catchy phrases are cool in serious songs too. And just listen to different music and stuff. With me, i go through stuff depending on my mood. Right now i'm listening to the civil wars a lot, and they've been inspiring me like crazy. Lyric-wise and when it comes to changing up the guitar parts. I'm getting some real good stuff outta it.
jimi hendrix touched my soul, and i gave half of it to robert johnson.
do us all a favor, spread peace and music too.
i usually make the music first and then the lyrics just pop in my head-or i think of what the title of the song can be and i work from there.