Is it possible to transform a humbucker in a singlecoil by ''breaking'' one coil of a humbucker?If yes, how?
.... just buy a single coil? i couldnt honestly think of any reason why you would want to do something like that..... either get a single coil or a pup that can be split. if ur after a different tone from what ur current pups r giving you maybe its time to look into another pup...
I've seen a few mounting rings for humbucker routes that hold a single coil, maybe pick one of those up?
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I didnt wanted to do so, just had a bunch of weird thaugth these times....
But will it work? It would be pretty hard i guess, but do-able?
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by "breaking" do you mean physically take it apart and separate the bobbins?? if so then yes you can....but you have to completely rebuild the single bobbin again so it would really be worth

all 4 conductor wire humbuckers can but wired up as single coil only but they never sound as good as a true single coil
its actually easy. pull the cover off if it has one, pull the tape from around the edge where the wires come out the bottom, look for the red wire tucked in the wax that connects the two bobbins together, cut it, add a wire coming from whichever side you want to use, then use either the original hot or ground as one end, and the new wire as the other

quick drawing:

so instead of the original blue and black wires, you cut the red connector and use either blue or black (depending which side you want to use) as the ground, and your red as the hot.

you could also add 2 red wires, ground both the originals, and add a rocker to choose which red wire is used, so you choose which "single coil" you use
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Makes more sense to just have a single coil, but if it helps, you can also fit two "real" single coils in a humbucker slot
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This used to be a somewhat popular "mod" with Dimarzio SD's in the 80's. People would split the coils on these to have two hotter single coils to drop in Strats and such. The aftermarket pickup world wasn't as booming as it is now and single coil options were very limited during that time.
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