Okay so there are obviously different brands of top guitar strings, and supposedly whoever is best is subjective. But I bought some real cheap strings the other day just to compare, and they really are poop in terms of tone and tuning stability.

What I'd like to know is why they are poop? Because they are presumably made from similar material, they even look similar (although these look "duller") so they can't be that different, but the cheapest ones (at least this set) is noticeably crapper.

Thoughts please.

p.s. I looked for a thread on electric strings and their qualities but their is none (I guess it's against the subjective laws of poo)
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The more expensive strings are coated with a special liquid that makes them last longer and makes them sound better.
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It's all in the manufacturing process, but don't forget you can get different types of coatings etc... (pure nickel, nickel wound, blah, blah)
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Ah thanks! Is there a thread or any links you can share that explain about the different coatings and their own qualities?

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not all metal is made the same.

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