But this doesn't seem quite right o me.Gap Mounted
So my question to you people, would you send it back.
This is my second one, the first one i received had a giant black splotch of paint on the body. Seems like the koreans has lousy quality control.
Ive played around 6 Torero's in various stores.
Every one of the played and looked fine.
Including the one I bought. Setup was great.
If your springs rattle against the plastic back put a piece of thin foam in there. Mount seems fine. Cant axx gap pic.
Edit* wow that is fretted badly! Methinks you have terrible luck.
I havent seen any flaws except for 2/6 toreros floyd springs rattled the back plate.
Every thing else was perfect. That really sucks. Wicked guitar if you can get a good one.
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