Heres something strange i found....
first off, my setup consists partially of piezo discs under standard saddles on my electric build. i got it up and going yesterday, and found that my A string wasnt seated well on its disc so its a bit quieter than the rest of the strings for now.
heres the mystery, and i notice it on me high e string too:
if i pick downward on the A and e strings, its pretty quiet.
if i pick upward, they are both louder. i have tried positioning my pick reversed so the up would have it in position like the down and vice versa, but its always louder on the up (this is through an amp. im curious about how the string is responding and vibrating differently when strummed up. ive concluded its not about picking technique making it different, and i dont see how the saddles or nut could change that. somehow the vibration of the saddle is different when the string starts moving one way vs the other....