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SO first things first pics!!!
the whole family:

full guitar:

Body only:

Neck only:

short review:
So after waiting for about a month for it to come off back order my PRS SE custom semi-hollow is here! It came outta the box and it was pretty much set to go. I have one problem (which you could prolly see in the neck pic) the neckboard is sooooooo dry so I ordered some fret doctor to get that fixed. otherwise it plays great. I love the feel and the quality is great. The stock strings where horrible so instantly changed over to some ernie balls. came with a super nice soft case. It sounds awesome the treble is very twangy but the Bass/mids are very nice. I put it in drop C and note taken......not the correct guitar. but it works great for drop d or standard. So I def recommend this. Got it on sale for $572 Definitely worth the money
PRS Semi-Hollow Custom SE

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Meh. Looks like an SE to me.
Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
Very tasty

Put some decent "metal" pickups in there and it would do metal just great

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Looks awesome. What does it look like without the pickguard?

Top looks sweet too

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All for sale!

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Jealous I am.
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Cool guitar dude. Great Finish
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Oh, and for resonance . . . smack an open A chord and hold the body and see if it vibrates like a middle-aged woman's best friend.
best SE guitar made imo.
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