Hiya im lookin for some songs to do for my four setlist in my music exams
i wanna do a piece of jazz, classical, rock/metal, and something completely different and strange

im thinking of ritchie blackmorres difficult to cure (betthovens ninth) for my classical piece

my skill level is high end intermidiate about 2 and a half years of 4 hours a day practice
so im pretty much open to enything

thanks ideas?

I would reconsider your classical choice. The line from the 9th is really too easy for your level man! If you're set in your decision, i would consider making it more interesting.

If you finger pick, you might want to try this short, but much more substantial piece. I also assume by classical music, you mean art music, and not specifically music from the classical period. This is baroque.


(not me btw)

and as for something completely different, but still art music....


the first movement ends at 1:46. it's two pages, and is very, very contemporary
(also not me)
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