It seems a weird phenominan that a lot of guitarists with amazing gear suck technically. Which players have great gear and are also great players?
Matt Bellamy?
Jonny Greenwood?
Guitars & Gear:
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it's also a bit subjective as to what gear is "good" and who is "talented"
Guitars & Gear:
Parker Nitefly M
Sumer Metal Driver
Ibanez RGD2120Z
Two Notes Torpedo CAB
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John Petrucci has quite an impressive set-up.
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Guthrie Govan
Billy Gibbons
Ritchie Blackmore

Also, this thread is nearly pointless, as the terms "good gear" and "playing well" are subjective.
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What's his name?
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Talent and good gear are both very subjective topics.

And also, you must have been living under a rock since birth, to not see any good guitarists, with good gear. I'm sure most professional guitarists have talent (even if they don't show itin their songs) AND good gear, by most peoples standards.
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What's his name?

That's Mike Portnoy, but he's the bass player of the band, don't know why he has a guitar in that pic.
Jimmy Bryant
Chat Atkins
Jerry Reed
David Gilmour
Marco Sfogli
Daniele Gottardo
Shawn Lane
Guthrie Govan
Paul Gilbert
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