Hey guys, at the moment I've got an Ibanez RG, I use this for my everything really. The only problem is that I want to learn songs with alternative tunings and the fact that I have a very annoying floyd Rose on it makes that really difficult for me.

I was wondering if I should buy a cheap second hand guitar to use just for my alternate tuning such as D, Eb etc. I play a lot of rock/metal i.e Metallica, Nirvana, Greenday, Foo Fighters so alternate tunings for that is quite common.

I was just wondering if this is a good idea or not, I won't be spending a large amount of money on this guitar, it'll only be for alternate tunings, I might mess around and give it a fancy paint job or something. Something real cheap.

This guitar will have a set bridge, like something from a Strat.

Thanks for your thoughts guys!

- Luke
Sure if you want to get one, i give you approval
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Yes, good idea, at the moment I use my old pacifica in Drop C with my E standard Ibanez

Ibanez RGA32.....would be my personal suggestion if getting another guitar
...or you could look at stuff other than Ibanez....like a telecaster
Of course you should for whatever reason, you can never have too many of those things.
There's a neat little invention called the Morpheus Droptune, it costs $200, and it can go from E standard to like Ab, IICR. It can't do drop tunings, you'll have to do that. If you have a floyd, you can use an EVH D-Duna to get a drop D and then use the Morpheus to go to Drop C or whatever.

Sure, go ahead. If you're getting a squier, you have many cheap options. Bullet, Affinity, Players etc. Yamaha Pacifica would be pretty good too, but you'd be hard pressed to find those used.
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yup. definitely get a second guitar.

floyds are great fun and all, but they are a massive hassel. get a second guitar, if for no other reason, to have something completely reliable to use as a backup
Definitely. Never use an FR guitar without an alternative/backup. Get a used RG2EX. They go for like $150 more or less all the time and are pretty common.
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