I really liked it, especially THAT riff at 3.20!
Im not too sure where the Thrash is, apart from the harmonies but then again it would be pretty hard to put Thrash and Sludge in one song, considering that they are both (stereotypically) at completely different tempos.

I do love the Sludge type heavy riffs (maybe you could have done with some more feedback, always good in Sludge Metal)
And i love the Stoner type lead parts in the chorus/main riff(?)

The bass intro was cool, almost jazzy sounding. It was good that you didn't ride it out too long with the bass, just long enough for a good atmosphere.
Again, the guitar could have come in with some nice/louder feedback.

2.25 has a really cool guitar part which i enjoyed quite a bit, hi-five for that riff!

The lyrics are actually pretty good for the type of song your going for as well as the vocals, which brings me to....

My only problem: the way the vocals (& the solo that comes in later )come into the track, it's like, really loud and almost distorts my speakers.

Altogether a really good attempt at Sludge Metal with a Stoner-ish influence which shows mainly from the 'fuzzy' lead guitar.

I liked it a lot.
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Ok fun bass that's for damn sure. THUD blues blues, THUD BLUES BLUES! ok now let it ride.... WOW I love how it's sort of NON STANDARD in its tone, it farts and distorts a bit. MANY MIGHT FIND the bass tone is a bit muddy, hmm..


Now there is double guitar and we are in a CAVE WHERE DUNGEON MONSTERS WILL HURT YOU.

Over all, the drums are not VERY PUNCHY i think they should be VERY PUNCHY. Vocals and GUITAR are too over powering, TURN THOSE DOWNS, turn bass and DRUMS UP, probably EQ the drums differently... more thud. increase bass drum at around 60hz

Share da luv bruv!!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Oh yeah, Bass intro. Love it. A bit of clipping but nice basswork.

Still waiting on that riff... Not quite there yet. Okay! Here it is. I feel like this should have come in a bit earlier. It fits the name very well, very evil. I like the atmosphere.

You project well! Rarely hear someone on here fully let themselves go on vocals. The production is bit muddy but I can hear everything pretty well. Again clipping is a problem but the music itself is great.

I think the "tick, tick, tick etc" of the high hat goes on a little long by itself. The riff after is kickass though! I really like the feel of the song. Very consistent throughout.

Solo sounds good if a bit sloppy but it is a demo. Ended about the right time and I like how the lead feeds into the original riff.

Very good man. Very, very good.
Thats a killer song you got there man. Only recommendation I would make is to have the intro guitar a bit louder. The riff at 2:00 reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age (a good thing), and as already mentioned the one at 3:20 is the awesome.

Keep it up!
Intro bass riff is good (though kind of long), the audio could be better on it. Guitar chords sound good, the lead guitar is a bit ear-piercing for me, as are the vocals (very ear-piercing). Singing is pretty good. Drums are fairly good, wish the cymbal crashes were better. Lead/solo guitar playing is pretty good, but way too loud for me. Songwriting is good. Please review my music at this link:

The drums and bass sound a bit too digital for me in some parts like the beginning. The vocals are much louder than everything else so I'd turn those down in the mix next time. I love the change of pace and riff at about 3:20. You're onto some good stuff here. You just need to practice on your mixing a bit. So far the only thing I noticed as bad was the vocals being way louder than everything else. The guitar solo is pretty damn good but I'd work on that tone. Maybe try a different setting or adding some other effect to it. Hope this helps. You can crit me if you have the time. Cheers.