Simple enough question...

Does a cabinets grille alter tone, whether it be significant or insignificant? For example, does a metal grille make your tone sound different than a cloth grille, or even no grille at all?

Just a little something I've been pondering but can't come up with a solid answer for it... Thanks guys.
i imagine it could, not too sure how. it would be quiet insignificant though. it'd be insanely hard to pick out in a double blind.
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The grill on my Earcandy is easily removable and I tried it out with both the cloth on and off. Its a fairly heavy cloth too. I didn't really notice a difference in the sound tbh. Maybe a tiny bit more muffled with it on, but I dunno, not really.

May be different with different cabs though.
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I've always wondered about it, but I only have one cab (that doesn't have a removable grille) so I can't really experiment with it.

The only thing I could think of is like what you said... the grille would "muffle it" more, for lack of a better words. I also was thinking that a metal grille could possible brighten/harshen up the tone, in a similar way that a building with concrete floors brightens up the tone.
The cloth ones are supposed to be as transparent as possible. The metal ones could alter the tone as sound would reflect off it, but I highly doubt it would be at all noticeable in either case.