Ok, a good friend of mine is letting me use/hold on to/look after his gear while he takes a month long retreat/vacation. He has the AVT50H (head only) sitting around that he used to like, but he sold the cab. Just to screw around, I want to try the thing out.

So, it has 2 Speaker Outputs on the back, and it says Minimum Load is 4 ohms... how do I hook it up with the two leads to a mono cab? I have a hand built 1x12 4ohm cab.

I tried a search and the manual wasnt all that helpful... here it is, last page shows the speaker outs: http://www.marshallamps.com/downloads/files/AVT20&50hbk.pdf

I have never dealt with a head like this, I generally use Fender Combos, so.... my guess is I just use one of the outs, but I would rather not break it.

Thanks in advance.
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But, do I somehow use both outputs? or just use one or the other?

Because, I have seen patch cables, with unsheilded cable, that go from 2 1/4" jacks to 1.
just use one output and one speaker (not instrument) cable . The second output is if you wanted to use 2 cabs.
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1 output to 1 input. So all you need is 1 speaker cable.
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speaker (not instrument) cable

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Alright, I just wanted to make sure, since it kind of labels both outputs on the amplifier together, it confused me, and I would rather not kill a friends equipment...

And I know to use unsheilded (non instrument) cable. I know it may sound like it, but it is definately not my first Head/Cab experience, just never use Marshall, lol.