I have seen this technique used so many times and I can not work out how to do it like that. I can play with both pick and fingers (but I prefer pick and can go much quicker), I have tried numerous techniques including muting the string in between and just using my thumb and fingers (but it is very slow as I have not developed using my fingers and thumb in guitar much). So if I new what the technique was called I could look up videos on how to do it. BTW sorry if I have posted this in the complete wrong section of the forum wasn't sure where it should go!
Sorry I can not work out how to post the picture but I will try to explain!
These are both C# anyway you probably get the idea of what I'm on about.
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I don't think its that as they seem to be different videos to this
If you are talking about playing two notes at the same time, that's a double-stop. If you are talking about how those two particular notes relate to each other: they are octaves. Also, those notes you gave are NOT C#'s...
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Those notes are both E

It is an Octave chord

Play with index and pinky and mute middle string

index finger on the 7, any other finger on the 9. you should be muting all the strings with your index finger.

watch this video about muting from the mod named freepower. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIEnzboW0Hc
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If you are into jazz, check out Wes Montgomery. He was one of the best at utilizing this in his playing.