It's been a long, long time since I recorded anything, so I've done this quick record just to keep the habit, it may sound a bit beginner 'cause I've made only one take, since I had no time, my voice is a bit high for this song I think, and my D string may be out of tune, but give it a try and post you thoughts about my song, I'll comment back

The guitar needs work mate, there seemed to be a pause where presumeably you changed hand position and then an increase in speed to make up for it. vocals are pretty good though also well done for taste, you covered two of the best songs from the last two albums

Its a cover of time of you life c4c?

yeah, I agree with the other guy, the guitar need a bit of work, nothing that a bit of practice won't be able to sort out.

vocals aren't too bad, maybe give them a bit more power

also try practising with a metronome, as you seem to lose tempo a bit

try not to be discouraged from my comments though, keep practising, and i'm sure you'll sort these problems out :-)

keep it up
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