here . we . go.

OK COOL WHISPERS secrets are being told to me. PRETTY FUN JOINT SCREAMS! The crash is a BIT MUCH!! sounds extremely robotic but thats ok! SOMETHING TO CONSIDER! Guitar tone is interesting, NON STANDARD TONE. VOCALS come in and they seem like they are enjoying their times. At the pre chorus i think you need to DOUBLE UP THE VOCALS OR EVEN MORE THAN DOUBLE! as well as the CHORUS NEEDS MORE VOCALS DONT YOU AGREE? EXCELLENT EFFORTS.

Share da luv bruv!!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
wow... that voice.. at the start was.. extremely weak. Might want to either buff your screaming or find a different approach to how you brought it in.. because that was.. just not complementing the song :\ But cool whispers, loved that try to introduce more effects to give it a spacious feeling.

Also another thing is your guitar needs some tone treatment, sounds like a little mouse, try mixing it with some wah, reverb, and a tubescreamer and be amazed at the result!

Rock on.
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not too much a fan of the guitar tone, what did you use to record?
not a fan of screaming, sorry
try to give the vocals a bit more energy in general, especially in the bits that aren't screamed

good song though, I like it
drums are a bit too loud, try and make the other instruments louder
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C4C from my post: I like the melody the guitar part is going for I dont like the tone though. It should probably be a bit louder and EQ'd a bit. Vocals sounds pretty good I dont like the screaming part though but thats just me. Drums could use some reverb but overall not too bad!
This doesn't seem very "heavy" at all. The screams are extremely weak and aren't at all powerful. The lead guitar melody is nice, but could be more solid. You really either need to just drop the screams completely or record this all over again (Vocals, instruments, and all) when the screams are actually somewhat powerful. Gotta double track the guitars too. The screams aren't even screams yet. Sorry. The clean vocals are good. Nothing stands out to me. Got my attention with the intro. Nice idea though.

Thanks for taking the time to critique this everyone. I'm really new to all of this (recording, writing and screaming) and I'm just trying to get my bearings and grow a bit with this project so all your feedback was greatly appreciated.

Yeah going back to it after a few days, My screaming makes me cringe a bit. I'll be working on strengthening it but probably try and rework this song because for now maybe I should keep that out of the picture.

About my guitar tone... I have a quite shitty set up currently (for financial reasons) I'm using a Squier Bullet Strat, Floor Pod, Generic amp recorded through a generic LD condenser and generic pre amp. Can't afford anything better at the moment so I've been doing my best to get a passable guitar tone. Back to the drawing board though I guess.....
Thanks for the tips though Joxtraex, I'll give those a shot to see if I can get anything decent out of my set up.

Again Thank you all. I really appreciated all the feedback. and as always I'm up for C4C'ing anyone's tracks!