I recently purchased a Peavey 6534+ and i'm wondering what some good 412 cabinet options would be. I'm aware that the Peavey 430A is made to go with it, but I figured there are better options. Price isn't an issue, as I am just looking as of now.
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if price is no issue;

Mills Acoustic

Well I guess i'd like to keep it less than $1K U.S.
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Avatar is gonna be your best bet for value as far as a new cab goes, and you can have it loaded with any speaker you like. I have a Krank Rev 4x12 and I really like the sound that it produces.
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Thanks for the suggestions. My pal has an oversized Mesa 412, and he wants $400 for it. I haven't played my 6534+ on it yet, and I wasn't sure how they would sound together.
take it,

that is a steal if its got V30s in it.

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emperor 4x12 ftw, best thing about emperor is the cabs are custom ordered the color youw ant, grill color you want and speakers of your choice, and a 4x12 is well under a grand
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