After many years trying to find something that would work for me and after having been nearly fitted with a straight jacket, I have found recording software that is actually easy to use. That is Mixcraft 5.

I have tried Audacity but unfortunately I don't have a degree in sound recording. I have tried Magix Audio Studio but unfortunately I don't have a degree in sound recording. I purchased Sonoma Wireworks Riffworks which was supposed to be easy and intuitive but unfortunately I don't have a degree in sound recording and they don't have squat for documentation.

So I bought Mixcraft 5. I noticed they have a large bank of tutorials that show you how to use it. If only Riffworks had had that. Audacity and Magix are beyond hope.

Anyway I have purchased and now use Mixcraft 5 and am highly impressed with the ease of use and it actually is intuitive. And if I have a question it is easy to find out. Unlike the prior sound software.

I highly recommend this program for the beginner as it is the least expensive of all the previously mentioned software except Audacity and appears to have the most capability with dozens of loops you can use.

Quality is excellent. Hasn't crashed one time, sorry Audacity but you crashed fairly frequently.

I am now using Mixcraft 5, a Tascam US-144 MKII computer interface and an AKG Perception Mic and the quality of music is quite good. The quality of the sound engineering is improving with each attempt.
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I have Mixcraft 5 too. I love it. I havent recorded any full songs or anything but i have played around with and its awesome.
I'm not very familiar with this program. What did you pick it up for? I'm willing to look into it, after being a faithful Logic Pro 9 user.
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Its basically garageband + alot more, but for Windows only i think.

and its only like 75 bucks i think, i cant remember

the pro version is 150 USD

u can also insert videos and dub over or with the audio of the video. and they have virtual instrument tracks like orchestra strings or piano and such

i dont think it does as much as Logic 9 tho.
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heh, after doing a quick google search, it looks like I used Mixcraft back in the day

Just stick to Reaper if you've already got a DAW
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Hmmmit appears Mixcraft isn't a proper DAW, seeing what you compared it to.

You should have got more in depth on things like automation, the mixer, and how easy it is to record and such next time you do a "Review".

I know you said this is for the beginner, but you didn't really give much information on things that are really important once you get past the initial stage. IDK maybe that's not what you intended to do.
I purchased it..full amount $150.00, Mixcraft Pro 5 didnt want all the download hassles with the music and all, and well, its only going to take me 10 years to figure out. However, the tutorials and the pdf download file will enlighten you to anything you need to know about..well almost anything. Sometimes good, sometimes difficult. The tutorials made all the difference for me. Type in your browser Mixcraft 5 tutorials and save it in your favorites. Its a true..WEEEENNNER..ok winner.